Application Examples

TAP is used for a wide variety of wireless communication design and analysis applications.  Some of the most common applications are described on this page.

Public Safety Communications

TAP is widely used for TSB-88-type modelling of public safety communications systems used by first responders, such as police, firefighters, and rescue personnel.

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TalkOut or TalkBack Signal Strength Heat Map

Microwave Path Design and Analysis

TAP7 includes numerous tools that can be used for the design and analysis of microwave systems.

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Microwave Path in 3D in Google Earth

Point-to-Multipoint Systems

There are numerous applications that require the assessment of point-to-multipoint links, such as SCADA systems, smart meters, field area networks, base-remote subscriber configurations, and more.

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Air-to-Ground / Ground-to-Air

While TAP is most often utilized for the design and analysis of terrestrial links, it is also commonly used for air-to-ground and ground-to-air link topologies.

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Air to Ground RF Coverage Contours

Clutter and Building Modelling

There are several ways in TAP to account for surface clutter, obstructions, and even building penetration losses.

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RF System Implementation

There are a number of tools and utilities within TAP designed to assist with RF system implementation issues, such as intermodulation and antenna pattern models.

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Omni Directional Antenna Pattern Distortion View

Regulatory Applications

For regulatory applications, there are multiple contour-generating models supported in TAP, including Carey (Part 22), Broadcast (Part 73), and Specialized Mobile Radio (Part 90).

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Contour Studies for Regulatory Applications

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