SoftWright’s Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) includes a variety of software modules that provide customers with the ability to conduct point-to-point path analysis, large area coverage studies, intermodulation studies, and adjacent channel interference studies as well as the power to visualize and export study results. Although the software is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, many customers choose to take advantage of our training services.

TAP Engineering Seminars

SoftWright conducts two-day TAP Engineering seminars throughout the country several times each year. Each TAP Engineering seminar will be two full days of RF engineering instruction on how to design both coverage and path studies for VHF/UHF, land mobile, PCS, cellular, SCADA, microwave and FM/TV broadcast transmitting facilities, and intermodulation prediction. The cost of the training seminars is $1430 per person (discounts are available for those eligible to purchase via our GSA contract).

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On-Site Training

Although SoftWright conducts two-day TAP Engineering seminars throughout the country several times each year, customers with multiple licenses and TAP users often choose on-site training at their location. SoftWright has conducted on-site training in locations ranging from the Middle East to Singapore. The training costs $1936 per person (minimum of 5 trainees) plus SoftWright instructor travel costs.  Discounts are available for customers eligible to purchase via our GSA contract.

The on-site training curriculum will include the core of the standard TAP engineering seminar training agenda; however, it may be tailored as desired for the customer’s specific interests. This is a great way for group of TAP users to all learn the same material and same practices simultaneously, which facilitates and accelerates the corporate application of TAP. Moreover, our instructor can conduct example studies using the host company’s licensed software, facilities information, and topographical data – further accelerating corporate efficiency with TAP.

In order to schedule a training seminar at your facility, please send an email to

Download a fully-functional demo version of our Terrain Analysis Package software.