Regulatory Applications

For regulatory applications, there are multiple contour-generating models supported in TAP, including Carey (Part 22), Broadcast (Part 73), and Specialized Mobile Radio (Part 90).  These models calculate Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT) values for a user-defined set of radials according to FCC guidelines.  The contour distance along each radial is calculated from the ERP and HAAT, using the equation corresponding to the respective model and frequency band.  TAP also has the ability, as needed, to create a contour for a user-specified signal strength (i.e., dBu) value.  In TAP Mapper, there are utilities to perform population counts for tile studies and contour intersections.

Contour Studies for Regulatory Applications
Calculate Coverage and Interference Contours for Regulatory Applications

If a direct HAAT calculation is needed for a site, or for a specific height, TAP includes a HAAT Calculation utility.

TAP HAAT Calculator
Height Above Average Terrain (HAAT) Calculator in TAP

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