Point-to-Multipoint Analysis

There are numerous applications that require the assessment of point-to-multipoint links, such as SCADA systems, smart meters, field area networks, base-remote subscriber configurations, and more.  If the multipoint locations are not yet known, a high-resolution RF area coverage study can predict coverage within a user-defined tolerance (i.e., grid step).

RF Area Coverage Study
RF Area Coverage Study Results in 2D and 3D

For a known list of sites or prospective sites, the site locations can be imported into TAP and used in a target-type study; this capability can also be used for drive test data to compare measured and predicted coverage.  If specific site locations are not known, but coverage along features, such as roads, rails, rivers, pipelines, etc., is desired, TAP can automatically place study points along linear features for use in a target study.

Discrete Study Points Along Roads, Railroads, Power Lines, and Other Features

For multipoint-to-multipoint evaluations, the Aggregate Coverage module can be used to determine overall coverage and best serving base stations.

Multipoint to Multipoint Aggregate Coverage
Multipoint to Multipoint Aggregate Coverage Shows Best Serving Base Stations

The AutoPath module supports sequential analysis of groups of paths and a top-down view of the overall network.

Autopath Module for Network Analysis
Autopath Analyzes Networks of RF Paths and Shows Overall Results

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