Public Safety

Public Safety / First Responder Communication Systems

TAP is widely used for TSB-88-type modelling of public safety communications systems.  The modelling is typically multi-site coverage over some bounded area (i.e., municipal area, county, region, province/state, etc.), where the user wants to assess whether the system covers X% of the area at least Y% of the time to some defined performance level (e.g., handheld unit, DAQ 3.4).  From the TSB-88.1 guidance, the user sets a fade adjusted performance threshold, and selects Longley-Rice as the propagation model to generate median signal strength values.  A bounded tile-type study is chosen, where the boundary of the desired area is selected from a shape file.  The study results are written to a shape file and can be styled to show TalkOut-only, TalkBack-only, or combined TalkOut/TalkBack coverage.

Bounded Area Coverage Study
Bounded Municipal Area Coverage Study to Assess Percent Coverage

The process for setting up and executing multi-site studies is facilitated by the AutoCoverage module.  The Aggregate Coverage module can be used to combine the results from multiple studies into a single output.  There are multiple options for combining, including best server, simulcast, co-channel interference, desired/undesired (D/U) ratio, adjacent-channel interference, and composite TalkBack.  Styling options include best serving base station, signal strength heat map, DAQ level, and more.

Best Server Aggregate Coverage Map
Multi-Site Area Coverage Study Showing Best Server Base Station Over a Municipal Area
TalkOut or TalkBack Signal Strength Heat Map
TalkOut or TalkBack Signal Strength Heat Map Showing Overall Area Coverage
Area Coverage Showing Multiple DAQ Levels
Area Coverage Results Showing Multiple DAQ Levels and Reliability
Mobile Handheld, Outdoor and Indoor Coverage
Area Coverage Study Showing TalkOut or TalkBack Mobile/Handheld, Outdoor/Indoor Coverage

For the user-defined class-breaks, TAP generates coverage statistics, allowing the user to determine what percentage of the area is covered for different link configurations or performance levels.

Tabulated Coverage Statistics
Tabulated Coverage Statistics for the User Defined Area and Coverage Levels

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