RF System Implementation

There are a number of tools and utilities within TAP designed to assist with RF system implementation.  The Intermod module searches for potentially harmful intermodulation products caused by the mixing of multiple transmitters into a victim receiver.  An Intermod study includes numerous configuration options to facilitate the search.

Intermodulation Study View
TAP Intermodulation Study Results View

For omni-directional antennas mounted on a structure, the antenna pattern can be distorted by reflections off the tower legs.  TAP’s Omni Distortion module predicts the distorted pattern from an empirical model; the distorted pattern can then be used in coverage and path studies in TAP.  There are multiple tower configurations from which the user may select.

Omni Directional Antenna Pattern Distortion View
Omni Pattern Distortion Module for Omni Antennas Side-Mounted on a Tower

If multiple directional antennas are stacked vertically with a common feed, it may be of interest to determine the overall antenna pattern.  TAP’s Stacked Antennas model calculates a combined pattern for multiple, vertically stacked antennas; the resulting pattern can then be used in coverage and path studies in TAP.

Stacked Antenna Model View
TAP Stacked Antenna Module for Combining Antenna Patterns

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