TAP™ is a terrestrial RF propagation analysis tool for the Windows operating system.

Available since the early 1990s, TAP™ is currently in use in all 50 United States, plus over 70 countries on all seven continents.

TAP is designed to be powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use. TAP users can always understand and explain study results. This open transparency and copious documentation gives managers, clients, and other decision-makers a high level of confidence in the results.

It is important to note that TAP contains no proprietary algorithms or calculations. All propagation modules and ancillary calculations are based on widely published, industry accepted (and, in some cases, regulatory body mandated) models. In fact, every calculation contained within TAP is documented on this website and the references cited herein. Moreover, all input and output data formats (e.g., elevation data, land use data, RF facilities data, antenna pattern files, graphic files, etc.) are open source industry standards.

TAP Modules

TAP™ is comprised of individually licensed software modules, which may be purchased in almost any combination depending on user requirements for area coverage studies, path profiles, interference studies, presentation of results, and budget.

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TAP Maintenance

The optional annual maintenance subscription plan for TAP™ software allows subscribers to take advantage of new software enhancements as soon as they are released by downloading the current Maintenance Release from our web site.

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Data Files

Topographical data in various resolutions as well as Land Cover data are available from SoftWright for the entire world.

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Example Configurations

TAP™ includes many options for RF propagation models as well as a variety of analysis tools.  Popular TAP™ module configurations for RF path and coverage studies are provided.

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TAP Mapper

TAP™ Mapper is an RF analysis and visualization software tool available as a standalone subscription product as well as for use alongside the full TAP™ RF engineering software.

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Price Lists

As a federal GSA Schedule contract holder, SoftWright publishes commercial and GSA product pricing for software, maintenance, data, and training.

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Student License

SoftWright offers special, discounted software licenses for student use. Student licenses will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

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Download a fully-functional demo version of our Terrain Analysis Package software.