What Maintenance Subscription features are included in recent TAP releases?

The Maintenance Subscription plan for your TAP software enables you to take advantage of new software enhancements as soon as they are released by downloading the current Maintenance release from our web site.   (Fixes for software problems or bugs are available to all licensed users, regardless of Maintenance Subscription status.)

All enhancements added to the software during the period of your Maintenance Subscription will be automatically enabled on your system. If your Maintenance Subscription expires, those features will still be enabled in your software, but new functionality or enhancements will not be available until your Maintenance Subscription is renewed.

The following chronological list shows the current catalog of software changes and the effective date for each one. If your Maintenance Subscription Expiration Date (displayed on your TAP Help-About form) is later than the date for a particular feature, that feature will be available as soon as you download and install the current Maintenance Release from our web site.  The Effective Release column in the table indicates the release which first implemented the feature.

If a software feature has an effective date after your Maintenance Subscription expiration, you can obtain access to that feature by renewing your Maintenance Subscription.

Release Date Release Number Brief Feature Description
2/23/2024 TAP 7.6.9 23.4.3 Use Fixed Facility Rx directional antenna information in the calculation of TalkBack contours.
1/5/2024 TAP 7.6.9 23.4.2 New LTE Calculations in Aggregate Coverage Module: RSRP and RSRQ.  New feature to use both Land Cover losses and surface features/buildings in the same study
9/26/2023 TAP 7.6.7 23.3.3 Ability to batch run AutoCoverage studies where some cases already have results.
9/5/2023 TAP 7.6.7 23.3.2 Improved multi-threaded study execution for contour-only propagation models, such as Carey, Egli, and Broadcast/SMR.
8/23/2023 TAP 7.6.7 23.3.1 Improved multi-threaded coverage study execution with legacy TAP 6 surface feature files.
8/17/2023 TAP 7.6.7 23.3.0 Study Import/Export utility, AutoPath results filtering and pruning, much faster execution of studies with large surface feature (e.g., OSM building) files, and parallelization of radial, contour, and target studies.
4/20/2023 TAP 7.6.6 23.2.0 New Antenna Manager with improved search and filtering.  Built-in support for new ESA WorldCover 2020 international land cover data.
1/16/2023 TAP 7.6.5 23.1.0 Improved kml to shapefile conversion for kml files with multiple shape types.  Improved web basemap rendering on high resolution (e.g., 4k) displays.
11/3/2022 TAP 7.6.4 22.4.2 Improved “Condense” function in Mapper to reduce shapefile size for kml export and visualization
10/23/2022 TAP 7.6.4 22.4.1 Further robustness to downloading malformed building data and expediting large urban area downloads.
10/14/2022 TAP 7.6.4 22.4.0 Fixed an issue with populating the Path Profile Report.
9/27/2022 TAP 7.6.4 22.3.1 Improved robustness during OSM building download retries for large areas.
9/20/2022 TAP 7.6.4 22.3.0 Download building data from Open Street Maps (OSM) directly within TAP 7 studies, use local MBTiles raster files for offline basemaps without an internet connection, and a new built-in 3D viewer in TAP Mapper.
6/10/2022 TAP 7.6.3 22.2.3 Fixed an issue with switching data portfolios in AutoPath.
6/2/2022 TAP 7.6.3 22.2.2 Improved robustness of TAP Mapper shapefile from kml / kmz file conversion utility.
5/9/2022 TAP 7.6.3 22.2.1 New Land Cover Clutter feature that allows users to add terrain height / obstructions based on land cover category.
2/2/2022 TAP 7.6.1 22.1.1 Fixed minor issue with setting Fixed Facility location from map view.
1/29/2022 TAP 7.6 22.1.0 All new AutoCoverage Module facilitates setting up and running a large number of coverage studies using shared study settings.
7/28/2021 TAP 7.5.4 21.2.1 Minor change to installer for improved robustness.
7/1/2021 TAP 7.5.3 21.2.0 Ability to run Talk-Out or Talk-Back only area coverage studies.  TAP 7 Mapper much faster shapefile loading and display plus “Condense” utility to reduce size of large shapefile study results for easier sharing and 3D display.
4/1/2021 TAP 7.5.2 21.1.2 Drag-and-drop project explorer and improved 3D kml building / surface feature functionality.
2/24/2021 TAP 7.5 21.1.0 New Microwave Reflection Analysis Module available for maintenance expiration date Jan 1, 2021 or later.
7/27/2020 TAP 7.4.1 20.2.1 Intermodulation multi-core processing for improved speed.  Intermodulation visualization enhancements.  TAP Mapper project open study selection view.
6/30/2020 TAP 7.4 20.2.0 Concurrent TalkBack calculates both TalkOut and TalkBack coverage simultaneously for different Tx/Rx antenna heights at each facility.  Multi-Core Parallel processing of tile coverage studies for 2x – 4x reduction in computation time.
3/11/2020 TAP 7.3.4 20.1.3 Vector file (e.g., shapefile) building data with building wall and penetration losses.
1/13/2020 TAP 7.3.3 20.1.0 Range limited Target and Tile coverage studies, Target study with individual target heights, topo and land cover portfolio maps.
12/5/2019 TAP 7.3 19.3.2 Improved Fixed Facility Manager with multi-facility operations, ability to save Path and Coverage Study parameter defaults, and ability to customize csv file outputs
11/13/2019 TAP 7.3 19.3.0 Added AutoPath Module to TAP 7.3.  Also added HAAT Calculator and ability to add custom map base layers.
6/7/2019 TAP 7.2 19.2.1 Annotation multi-select in Mapper, new NLCD 2016 data layer in Mapper, updated MODIS color legend, and improved shapefile to kml conversion for point type shapefiles.
5/10/2019 TAP 7.2 19.2.0 Added Omni Pattern Distortion and Stacked Antenna Modules to TAP 7.2.  Added Carey Interpolated, Broadcast, and Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) propagation models to TAP 7.2.  Streamlined licensing, enhanced Mapper obstructions, and new ability to add and import transmission lines.
2/8/2019 TAP 7.1 19.1.0 Added Antenna Elevation, Intermodulation, and Carey Propagation modules to TAP 7.1.  Also added Batch Coverage Runs, Feature Targets, and coverage study results preview.
12/7/2018 TAP 7.0 18.4.7 Updates to improve performance for global culture / regional settings.  Improved coverage study execution tooltips and help.
10/8/2018 TAP 7.0 18.4.2 All-New TAP 7 original release with project-based organization, web basemaps, and completely updated GUI.
10/8/2018 Mapper 18.4.2 New Composite Talkback functionality, new Layer Info view, and offline shapefile basemaps.
7/19/2018 Mapper 2018.3.2 Upgraded 3D Viewer.
7/3/2018 Mapper 2018.3 New Adjacent Channel Interference (ACI) module, new U.S. administrative boundary data layers, and new Quick Start Guide.
4/17/2018 Mapper 2018.1.2 Updated Land Cover (NLCD and MODIS) data layers to new data servers.
3/28/2018 2540 Acceleration of bounded tile studies to reduce study execution time by over 90% in many cases.
3/1/2018 Mapper 2018.1.1 New spreadsheet templates for Spreadsheet to Shapefile and new ‘Info’ icon on Aggregate Coverage layer list.
2/21/2018 Mapper 2018.1 New Talkback analysis tool for area coverage studies and Desired/Undesired (D/U) operation for aggregate coverage studies.
12/14/2017 Mapper 2017.4 Aggregate Coverage Module to combine individual coverage study results into composite multi-site coverage results using Best Server and Simulcast Delay Spread parameters.
8/13/2017 Mapper 2017.3.1 Use antenna patterns in Quick coverage calculations.  Spreadsheet (.csv, .xlsx) to shapefile (.shp) file conversion utility.
8/11/2017 Mapper 2017.3 Obstruction editor to acquire 3D buildings from OSM and also add and modify 3D obstructions manually. File conversions – kml and kmz to shapefile (shp).
4/24/2017 Mapper 2017.2 Longley-Rice propagation for RF path and area coverage field strength predictions.  Built-in 3D viewer, including 3D buildings.
3/4/2017 Mapper 2017.1 Many new features, including global elevation, land cover, and 3D building data for conducting RF path analyses worldwide.
1/20/2016 2539 Fix for land use display in HDPath.  Fix for rain rate update in rain attenuation calculation.
12/7/2016 Mapper 2016.1.3 Data Summation and Intersecting Contour maintenance features, plus improved Value Range style settings operation.
10/18/2016 2538 Changed method for shape file output for 6.3 runs to better accommodate large numbers of studies.  Fix for Okumura corner case in 6.3 runs.
9/13/2016 Mapper 2016.1.2 Improved basemap and shapefile layer drawing.  Fixed transparency problem with Unique Value Styles, including Aggregate Coverage and Talkback studies.
7/11/2016 2537 Added DBM_POWER field to coverage results shape file for all field strength coverage studies.  Added layer style templates for the dBm output values.  Fix for MODIS corner cases.
7/1/2016 Mapper 2016.1 Initial release of TAP Mapper 2016 for visualizing and analyzing study results.  TAP Mapper is a standalone software application that requires an additional license code.
5/20/2016 2535 Resolve duplicate feature target entries.  Fix for adjacent MODIS tiles.  Update Carey parameter template.
2/8/2016 2534 Supports MODIS international clutter / land use data
11/7/2015 2533 Minor enhancements to aggregate coverage and accelerated contour studies.
9/29/2015 2532 “Accelerate” TAP 6.3 coverage studies that include Surface Features as well as provide visualization of Surface Features as shapefiles in HDMapper.
7/29/2015 2531 “Accelerate” TAP 6.3 Contour Studies for all field strength propagation models.
6/23/2015 2530 “Accelerate” the TAP 6.3 version of Hata-Davidson propagation.  UI fix for very large, high-resolution monitors.
5/1/2015 2529 Adjust window width in Windows 8.1 and correct Fixed Facility Print All (updates available to all users).
3/10/2015 2528 TAP 6.3:  Batch Acceleration plus accelerated Shadow, Rounded Obstacle, and Egli propagation modules.
1/23/2015 2526 Fix compatibility issue with TAP 6.2 land use configuration.
12/1/2014 2525 TAP 6.2 Accelerated Bounded Tile Studies.
10/23/2014 2524 TAP 6.2 Accelerated Okumura Module.
9/16/2014 2523 Update to accommodate user names with spaces
8/27/2014 2522 Updated output files of TAP 6.2 studies to better facilitate post-processing using Aggregate Coverage, Adjacent Channel Interference, etc.
8/12/2014 2521 TAP 6.2 Accelerated Bullington Module.  Ability to use NLCD Land Use data when running TAP 6.2 Accelerated studies.  Update to correctly handle antenna gain patterns specified over [-180, 180].  Enhanced progress information on TAP 6.2 progress bar.
6/24/2014 2520 Updates to Map record keeping and sorting
6/10/2014 2519 Updates to Okumura propagation model and handling of DTA format elevation data.
4/15/2014 2518 Updates to Microwave Reliability calculations, Talkback polygons, and TAP 6.2 handling of no antenna elevation gain pattern.
3/12/2014 2517 TAP 6.2:  New calculation engine decreases area coverage study run time for Longley-Rice Propagation Model.
10/15/2013 2516 Additional Microwave Reliability Module calculations for cases where Composite Fade Margin is calculated.  Calculations include Space Diversity Reliability, Frequency Diversity Reliability/Outage, and Combined Reliability/Outage as appropriate.
08/01/2013 2515 Ability to use USGS NLCD2006 Land Use data
05/31/2013 2514 Path profile grid and minor tics
03/31/2013 2513 Feature Target Studies in HDCoverage
02/28/2013 2512 Linear Range Scale in HDMapper
11/28/2012 2506 Autocoverage supports WGS84 datum
10/13/2012 2504 In HDMapper – “Package all files” allows user to select which layers to export
08/31/2012 2467 Range Circles in HDMapper
05/31/2012 2460 Target Point Studies in Autocoverage, Load level settings with Task Layers in HDMapper
03/31/2012 2449 Execute intermod study from tree list on main menu
02/29/2012 2437 Adjacent Channel Interference Module, Google Earth path marker, Alternate population count data fields, Updated NED topo data in FLT format



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