Student License

SoftWright offers special, discounted software licenses for student use. Student licenses will be granted on a case-by-case basis. A TAP™ academic license is for use by students on student-owned hardware to meet course or research requirements at degree-granting institutions only. It is not to be used for government, commercial, or other organizational purposes.  The use of TAP™ must be attributed in any resulting published work.  For course use, technical support should be initiated through the course professor/instructor.  Additional discounts are available for groups of 20 or more.

What’s Included

The student license includes ten of our most popular modules, plus topographical and land use data for a small area of interest.  The student license modules are Basic Mapping, RF Facilities, Longley-Rice Propagation, Bullington Propagation, Okumura Propagation, 3D Display, Aggregate Coverage, Microwave Reliability, VHF/UHF Reliability, and Land Use.


Note that the TAP 7 Demo Software is a completely functional version of the software; however, it is geographically limited to an area around Denver, CO, USA, and includes lower resolution terrain data than is available for the licensed software.  The demo software may be used for free in perpetuity and it may be sufficient for some academic purposes.  The student license is required for using higher-resolution terrain data in a specific area of interest.

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Student Licenses Cost $149 usd per year

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Download a fully-functional demo version of our Terrain Analysis Package software.