How can I show a path profile or coverage study in 3D using Google Earth?

It is straightforward to export path profile and area coverage study information to a .KML file that can be displayed in Google Earth, ARCGis, GlobalMapper, and other mapping programs. TAP™ offers one-button export of .KML files to Google Earth.

For example, suppose you have plotted a profile in HDPath as shown below (export from HDCoverage is similar). Click the Google Earth button in the top toolbar to create the file. You will be prompted for a file name. Note that the “Bend Line of Sight” option is selected to include the effective earth curvature appearance in Google Earth.

Google Earth

When the file is completed, Google Earth will be launched with the .KML file (if you have an internet connection and the Google Earth software installed). You can use the Google Earth navigation controls in the upper right corner to zoom, pan, rotate, and tilt the image to view the path line of sight and Fresnel zone. You can use Google Earth to zoom in on problem areas as shown below.

Google Earth Zoom

You can set the colors and line widths for the path information to be displayed in Google Earth from the “Google Earth Colors” item in the HDPath Configuration menu. You can change the color and line width of each object by clicking on the color sample to the left of the description as shown below.


Using a similar approach, HDCoverage studies can also be exported as .KML files to Google Earth as shown in the following image:

Google Earth KML

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