How can I use the Aggregate Coverage Module to perform LTE calculations?

With the release of TAP 7.6.9, the LTE Calculations operation was added to the Aggregate Coverage module.  Users with maintenance expiration dates later than December 1, 2023 have access to this study operation, which may be found under the Study Operations dropdown, as shown in Figure 1.  The LTE Calculations aggregation operation calculates the Reference […]

Video: TAP 7.6.7 AutoPath Pruning and Filtering, Study Import/Export Utility, and Expanded Multi-Core Coverage Study Parallel Processing

TAP™ 7.6.7 now offers AutoPath Network Filtering, Study Import/Export, and Expanded Parallel Processing for Radial, Contour, and Target study types.  In addition, multi-core parallel processing speed has been drastically improved for coverage studies using large surface feature files, such as buildings from Open Street Maps (OSM).  See the video below for more details.

Video: TAP 7.6.3 Land Cover Clutter

TAP™ users with licensed Land Cover Module and maintenance date of April 1, 2022 or later, have the option to specify a height associated with each land cover category based on knowledge of the local environment.  For example, Forest Deciduous height of 15 meters, Forest Evergreen 25 meters, etc.  TAP™ will raise the terrain accordingly […]

Video: TAP 7.6 New AutoCoverage Module

The highlight of the TAP 7.6 release is an all new AutoCoverage Module.  The AutoCoverage module facilitates running and combining multi-site coverage studies over an area using common study settings. See the video below for additional information about this TAP release.

What help documentation is available for getting started with TAP?

Click here for the TAP Installation and Setup Guide. Click here for the TAP Demo Quick Start Guide. When using the software, TAP has an extensive built-in help documentation that may be accessed in two ways: Press the ‘?’ button in the upper right of the TAP 7 main window. Press the ‘F1’ button to […]

How can I acquire building data to use in my TAP path and coverage studies?

TAP users can acquire and customize building data using the TAP Mapper Obstructions tool. Many studies in urban and suburban areas could more accurately model the effect of buildings with the inclusion of vector surface features. Recall that TAP Mapper, which is the visualization tool provided with TAP 7, offers an Obstructions feature that may […]

How do I move my TAP software to a new computer?

It is common for users to want to move their TAP software and existing work product to a new or different computer.  Here is a straightforward process to get the software and work product moved over: On the old computer, go to the Backstage by clicking the SoftWright logo on the upper left of the […]

Video: TAP 7.5 New Features

The highlight of the TAP 7.5 release is an all new microwave Reflection Analysis Module, which is covered in another tutorial video.  TAP 7.5 includes several other new features and upgrades that are presented in this tutorial video below.