Video: TAP 7.5 New Microwave Reflection Analysis Module

The highlight of the TAP 7.5 release is an all new microwave Reflection Analysis Module.  The Reflection Analysis module, one of our most popular, will locate possible reflection points along a path and evaluate the potential destructive interference on the received signal. See the video below for additional information about this TAP release.

Video: TAP 7.4 Concurrent TalkBack and Parallel Processing

The highlights of Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) 7.4 include: Parallel Multi-Core Processing: TAP 7.4 can reduce the computation time for large coverage studies by using multi-core parallel processing. This feature is available to users with maintenance expiration dates of June 1, 2020 or later. Concurrent TalkBack Coverage Calculation: TAP 7.4 can concurrently calculate both TalkOut […]

Video: TAP 7.3 AutoPath Module

The AutoPath module enables TAP™ to automate setting up path specifications eliminating manual data entry. The program can then plot a path profile for each specified path, as well as compute the field strength value at the end of the path. Path information can be defined from a single transmitter site, or for a different […]

Video: TAP 7 Detailed Introduction

This 33 minute video provides an extended, detailed introduction to TAP 7.  Topics include configuration of terrain and land cover data, project organization, path studies, coverage studies, and intermodulation studies.

Video: TAP 7.2 Omni Pattern Distortion and Stacked Antenna Modules

A short video tutorial on how to use the TAP 7.2 Omni Pattern Distortion and Stacked Antenna Modules.  Briefly, the Omni Pattern Distortion module will model the horizontal plane pattern distortion of a side mounted, vertically-polarized, omni-directional antenna when mounted on a metal tower structure. It uses the mounting orientation and distance from the tower, […]