Video: TAP 7.2 Omni Pattern Distortion and Stacked Antenna Modules

A short video tutorial on how to use the TAP 7.2 Omni Pattern Distortion and Stacked Antenna Modules.  Briefly, the Omni Pattern Distortion module will model the horizontal plane pattern distortion of a side mounted, vertically-polarized, omni-directional antenna when mounted on a metal tower structure. It uses the mounting orientation and distance from the tower, as well as the size and type of tower, frequency and nominal gain. This modeled pattern can then be plotted and saved to the antenna pattern library and used later to improve accuracy when calculating area coverage.  The Stacked Antenna module will add multiple vertically-stacked horizontal plane directional antenna patterns (with different powers and major lobe azimuths) and calculate an approximate composite pattern. Propagation modules can use this resultant antenna pattern for computing field strength values.

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