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TAP Accelerated Bounded Tile Studies Now Available

We are pleased to announce today that we have posted Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) 6.3 Release 2540, which includes a new accelerated bounded tile calculation engine that reduces the time required to execute bounded tile studies by more than 90% in many cases.  The new calculation engine is available to all TAP™ 6.3 customers.

accelerated bounded tile calculations

TAP™ 6.3 Release 2540 features a new accelerated bounded tile calculation engine.  Bounded tile studies allow users to calculate coverage over a rectangular grid that is inside a selected map boundary.  Common boundaries used in tile studies are state borders, county borders, and other municipal boundaries of interest.  Using a bounded tile study, it is straightforward to calculate important coverage statistics, such as the percentage of area covered and percentage of population covered within an irregular boundary.

Example Bounded Tile Studies for Douglas County, CO, USA

In SoftWright benchmark testing using a solid state drive (SSD) for topographical data storage, bounded tile studies exhibited a reduction in execution times by a factor of approximately 30.

For more information on the new calculation engine or how to update TAP™ software to the latest version, please contact Curt Alway at (800) 728-4033×1 or

Download a fully-functional demo version of our Terrain Analysis Package software.