Basic Mapping Module

The Basic Mapping Module is the foundation module of the Terrain Analysis Package (TAP). This module provides access to topographic data files of many common formats, including Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) derived from USGS 3-second, NGDC 30-second data, USGS 30 meter data and the newer NED 1-second, 1/3-second, and 1/9 second data, as well as Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) files with 3-second, 30-second and 1-second resolutions. The SRTM (Space Shuttle) data files are also supported throughout the world.

The Basic Mapping Module also draws path profiles showing elevations for the complete path. Elevation values can be adjusted for any effective earth curvature value, including a “flat” earth. Radio path geometry studies can include line of sight and Fresnel zone plots for any combination of frequencies, antenna heights, Fresnel zone ratios and numbers, etc. Knife-edge diffraction losses, if present, are instantly calculated and displayed across a path profile.

The Basic Mapping Module is the foundation module required for all TAP systems that do received signal level calculations. It can stand alone or may be used in conjunction with the many other related TAP modules. In order to calculate RF coverage maps, the RF Facilities Module and at least one propagation module are required in addition to Basic Mapping.

Download a fully-functional demo version of our Terrain Analysis Package software.