How can I show composite coverages from multiple sites over an area?

The TAP™ Aggregate Coverage (AC) Module, which aggregates the results of multiple individual coverage studies into a single composite coverage result, is one of the most popular TAP™ modules.  Since aggregation is a post-processing step, the tool is provided in TAP™ Mapper.  The tool allows users to create multi-site composite coverage maps easily even over irregularly bounded areas.  Click the following link for a video tutorial on how to Create Multi-Site Aggregate Talkout and Talkback Studies with TAP 7.

The TAP™ Aggregate Coverage module takes the TAP™ signal strength results from multiple area coverage studies, created either using TAP™ or TAP™ Mapper Quick Coverage, and calculates a new resultant area coverage. The Aggregate Coverage tool will calculate the Maximum, Best Server, Simulcast and Desired/Undesired (D/U) aggregation results from any combination of previously calculated individual coverage studies using parameters appropriate for the multi-site system.  It will also calculate Composite Talkback coverage to assess talkback coverage from a variety of mobiles to the fixed base stations.  For a Talkout Aggregate Coverage study, the results are typically displayed to indicate which base station is serving every location in the study area, as shown in the below example.

Best Server Aggregate Coverage Map
Multi-Site Area Coverage Study Showing Best Server Base Station Over a Municipal Area


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