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Accelerated Contour Studies Now Available in TAP 6.3

SoftWright’s Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) provides several options for selecting the study type for RF area coverage studies.  Options include Radials, Tiles, Boundaries, and Contours.  Recall that recent releases of TAP™ have featured increasing functionality of an all-new, accelerated calculation engine.  In today’s TAP™ release, we have added the ability to conduct Contour Studies for all TAP™ field strength models.

TAP™ contour coverage studies are commonly used for many applications because of the easy-to-understand graphical output and the convenience for showing results from multi-site systems.

As a reminder, our benchmarking experiments for a large area coverage study using 1/3 sec FLT topo data showed the following results:

TAP™ 6.1, Rotating HDD : 43 min

TAP™ 6.3, Rotating HDD : 8.5 min

TAP™ 6.1, SSD              : 3.5 min

TAP™ 6.3, SSD              : 0.9 min

By upgrading to TAP™ 6.3, large area coverage study times may be reduced by 80% and combining TAP™ 6.3 with SSD (solid state drive) data storage may reduce study times by 98%.

Now the “Accelerated” performance of TAP 6.3 is available for running all TAP field strength models with all study configurations, including Radial, Tile, Bounded Tile, Target, and, with today’s release, Contour Studies.  For more information on setting up and running Contour Studies, please see this FAQ.

Example Contour Study Output
Example Contour Study Output

Download a fully-functional demo version of our Terrain Analysis Package software.