TAP 4.x Upgrade Deadline Sept 1, 2013

For our many TAP 4.x customers, we hope that you continue to use your TAP™ software productively; however, your software is likely over 10 years old and soon will no longer be supported by SoftWright.  Many of the third party components required for your software to operate are no longer available and SoftWright has no capacity to maintain or update your software.  Fortunately for you, TAP™ 4.x users still have until September 1, 2013 to upgrade to the current version of TAP™ 6 via our Maintenance Subscription plan (80% off of the individual module prices!).  The maintenance subscription price depends on your specific TAP™ configuration, but it typically ranges between $800 and $3,000.  In our opinion, this is a small price to pay for over 10 years of software development.  TAP™ 6 provides increased functionality, ease-of-use, and display capabilities that will save you time, impress your management, and win over customers new and old.  At these prices, our latest software will almost certainly pay for itself in very short order.  Since you value your time and the time of your engineers and technicians who use TAP™, the decision to upgrade makes fiscal since.  After September 1, 2013, your TAP™ license will no longer be eligible for upgrade and you will have to purchase a new TAP™ license in order to benefit from the latest TAP™ 6 software.