TAP 6 and TAP 7 Module Support

The Terrain Analysis Package (TAP) is a modular software package.  The following table shows the list of modules that are currently supported in TAP 6 and TAP 7.  All of the modules listed below will be available in future releases of TAP 7.  At that time, TAP 7 will be a complete replacement for TAP 6.  In the meantime, use the table below to select that TAP version that fits your operational requirements.  For a description of TAP modules, please see Detailed TAP Module Descriptions.

TAP Module Supported in TAP 6 Supported in TAP 7 Notes
Basic Mapping
RF Facilities
3D Display
VHF/UHF Reliability
Microwave Reliability
Longley-Rice Propagation
Bullington Propagation
Okumura Propagation
Shadow Mapping
Rounded Obstacle Propagation
Hata/Davidson Propagation
Egli Propagation
Land Use
Aggregate Coverage
Adjacent Channel Interference
Broadcast/SMR (FCC Part 73 / FCC Part 90)
Carey (FCC Part 22)
Intermodulation Products
Pattern Distortion
Stacked Antenna
Reflection Analysis
Antenna Elevation
Topo Utilities