What information do I need to be able to run a path or area coverage study with TAP?

TAP models the communication system physical later. You can use TAP to design and evaluate both links and area coverage for most, if not all, of communications protocols. You simply need to know the parameters for the transmit and receive equipment configuration.

Here is a basic list of the parameters you would need:

  • Transmitter location
  • Transmitter antenna height
  • Transmit power
  • Transmit frequency
  • Transmit antenna gain
  • Transmit antenna gain pattern
  • Other transmitter gains and losses
  • Receiver (fixed or mobile) antenna height
  • Receiver antenna gain
  • Receiver sensitivity
  • Other receiver gains and losses

From the receiver parameters, TAP calculates the required field strength at the receive antenna. Received signal strength is calculated according to the local terrain, and compared to the required field strength. Other factors, such as surface features and land use can also be included, as desired.

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