Can I import and edit antenna gain pattern information for use in TAP™?

The TAP™ Antenna Manager can be used for creating, deleting, importing, exporting, and editing antenna pattern information.  See the TAP built-in help file for complete details on using the TAP Antenna Manager.  TAP includes thousands of antenna patterns from popular antenna manufacturers; however, the Antenna Manager gives users the ability to add and edit additional antenna patterns.

The most common action is importing antenna gain patterns from files that are available from most antenna manufacturers.  The Antenna Manager supports the following standard text-based file formats for import and/or export.

  • Generic: The generic file format, essentially the same as the MSI Planet format. The typical file extensions are: ANT, MSI, PLN, PRN, and TXT.
  • NSMA/TIA: This format is based on NSMA specs WG16.99.050 and WG16.99.003. The typical file extensions are: ADF, DAT, and TXT.

Launch the Antenna Manager dialog from the Utilities section of the main ribbon bar, and from the tool buttons when editing facilities. The following figure shows the Antenna Manager dialog.

Antenna Manager Dialog

Antenna patterns are organized into libraries and may be searched or filtered based on frequency range and other characteristics.  The left column (1) is an alphabetical list of all antenna libraries. The middle column (2) is an alphabetical list of all antenna models in the selected library, here shown as “0404 Scala 30-512” (1). The right column (3) shows the details for the selected antenna model, here shown as “Bp7150h”.  The top line (4-10) contains the antenna manager tools.





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