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TAP 6.3 Now Available

SoftWright is pleased to announce today’s release of the Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) Version 6.3.   TAP™ 6.3 includes additional accelerated propagation modules and enables mixed batch processing of accelerated and standard coverage studies via the new TAP™ 6.3 Run Button. These features are sure to further improve the efficiency and productivity of TAP™ customers using the new TAP™ 6.3.

Recall that the release of TAP™ 6.2 featured an all-new calculation engine that drastically improved execution speed for certain propagation modules, such as Longley-Rice and Bullington.  Study execution times in benchmark accelerated cases were reduced by 80%.  Combining accelerated studies with solid state drive data storage reduced study times by 98%. Today’s release of TAP™ 6.3 accelerates additional popular propagation modules.  The following propagation modules are now accelerated in TAP™ 6.3, providing comparable improvements in coverage study execution speed:

The TAP™ 6.3 Run Button now allows batch mode processing of mixed accelerated and standard HDCoverage studies with a single button click.  Simply create and save a set of area coverage studies using any appropriate parameters.  Then use the TAP™ 6.3 Run Button and TAP™ will execute all of the selected coverage studies starting with the accelerated studies and then completing the standard studies.  All coverage study results are saved and displayed in HDMapper.  View the video below for more information on how to use TAP™ 6.3 Run Button for batch mode study execution.


Download a fully-functional demo version of our Terrain Analysis Package software.