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New MODIS International Clutter – Land Use Data Available

SoftWright’s Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) provides RF propagation calculations and analyses for a wide range of applications from 30 MHz to 30 GHz and above.TAP™ path and coverage studies can be made more accurate and more enlightening by including land use / clutter data, which tells TAP™ what is on top of the terrain.  We are pleased to announce today that we have upgraded our international land use / clutter data to 2012 MODIS.  We will continue to offer NLCD 2011 data for the U.S.A.

TAP™ 6.3 release 2534 (and later), with a maintenance subscription of 31 December 2015 (and later), now supports moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) international clutter / land use data.  The previous Global Land Cover (GLC) data formed a 30×30-arcsecond grid.  The MODIS Database is a 17-class land cover classification scheme that has been applied over a 15×15-arcsecond grid. There are MODIS datasets available for 2001-2012.  SoftWright has available MODIS 2012 data in 12-by-16 degree tiles, available for purchase on a per-country basis.  Each tile is a GeoTiff file in the WGS84 datum.  Click here to read the complete FAQ.

Download a fully-functional demo version of our Terrain Analysis Package software.