TAP Demo Software

Our demo software is the full software package with all modules enabled. If you are unable to successfully download the demo software, please send a request to sales@softwright.com along with your mailing address and we will mail you a CD containing the demo software.


The only restriction with the TAP demo installation is geographic in nature. You can operate the demo only within the specified geographic area, which is an area that encompasses both mountains and flat lands and covers a region of approximately 100 by 100 miles around Denver, CO. The topographic data for this region is included with the demo software distribution.

The Intermodulation module has a different type of restriction when configured as a demo. All of its features are enabled. However, you may enter only five pairs of frequencies into the database to perform intermod studies. When you license your system, this restriction is eliminated and you may include as many transmitting and receiving frequencies as necessary to be included in your studies.

Current Users Note

If you are a current TAP user, please do not download and install this demo on a system where you have existing data or maps that you wish to preserve. This demo download is intended for new installations and new users.

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