What is the TAP 6.2 Accelerator and how can I use it to speed up my coverage studies?

SoftWright’s Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™) has been used around the world for RF coverage studies since the early days of the Windows operating system.  The current TAP™ 6.2 software is a transitional version that is bringing TAP™ up to the latest generation of software development tools and applications.  While the overall look-and-feel of TAP™ 6.2 will be familiar to long-time customers, there is a newer, more modern 64-bit calculation engine that will include ever-increasing functionality.  TAP™ 6.2 is quite simply the fastest, most accurate TAP™ that SoftWright has ever produced.

In order to make TAP™ 6.2 available to our customers as soon as possible, the calculation engine functionality will steadily expand over time.  Check back frequently to view and evaluate the latest features.  As of release 2517, available to customers having a Maintenance Subscription expiration of March 1, 2014 or later, the TAP™ 6.2 calculation engine supports the Longley-Rice propagation model (aka Irregular Terrain Model – ITM).  As of August 12, 2014, the TAP™ 6.2 calculation engine also supports the Bullington propagation model.  As of October 23, 2014, the TAP™ 6.2 calculation engine also supports the Okumura propagation model.

Simply design your Tile, Radial, or Target Point area coverage study in HDCoverage  as you normally would and select the Longley-Rice, Bullington, or Okumura Propagation Model.  As shown circled in red below, the “6.2” run button adjacent to the familiar TAP™ run button will be enabled.  Select the “6.2” run button and the new calculation engine is launched.  Study results appear in HDMapper as usual, but in far less time!

TAP 6.2 Run Button
The TAP 6.2 Run button appears in the HDCoverage toolbar alongside the familiar TAP run button. It is enabled when the study is supported by the TAP 6.2 Accelerator.

Currently, the TAP™ 6.2 calculation engine supports Tile, Radial, and Target Point coverage studies using the popular Longley-Rice, Bullington, and Okumura propagation models and HGT, DTED and FLT format terrain data.  NLCD Land Use for the USA is supported, but other international land use formats and Surface Features are not supported at this time.  Again, please check back often for updates to the TAP™ 6.2 functionality.  Each time a coverage study is saved, the software will assess whether or not the study meets the TAP™ 6.2 criteria and enable or disable the “6.2” run button accordingly.  When a coverage study task is executed, a new progress window (shown below) will appear and show progress as well as the status of the task execution, including any errors or missing elevation data.  The window will persist upon completion of the task so that the pertinent information may be viewed as needed.


For more information on the latest TAP™ functionality or to upgrade to TAP™ 6.2, please contact sales@softwright.com.

Download a fully-functional demo version of our Terrain Analysis Package software.