How do I use TAP™ to conduct RF area coverage studies?

Area coverage studies are conducted using HDCoverage. From the TAP6 main menu form, click the Area button to launch HDCoverage:


The HDCoverage application is displayed:


Note the four basic areas of the form:
  • The Fixed Facility for the base station site is shown on the left side of the form.
  • The Mobile Facility information is shown on the right side of the form.
  • The parameters for the coverage study are shown in the lower half of the center of the form.
  • The map graphic is shown in the upper half of the center of the form.

To run a coverage study, a “Task” must be created. If the Task section is collapsed, click the heading to expand the section:


On the toolbar near the top of the form, click the New button:


A Task ID will be assigned. Enter a meaningful description for the study as the Task Description is used later in TAP™ when you want to find this study to draw a map or other uses. The description you use should be something that will be helpful to you when you need to refer back to a study. Be sure the AutoDraw box is checked so the study will be displayed in HDMapper when completed.

Now that you have a new HDCoverage Task, you can populate all three areas of the HDCoverage form with the pertinent Fixed Facility, Mobile Facility, and Coverage Study information or selections. When the information is complete, you may run the study using the SoftWright logo button on the upper toolbar and the coverage results will be displayed in the map graphic area in the upper center of the form. Additional details on populating this HDCoverage form are available in related FAQs.

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