How do I change the land use features used in path profiles shown in HDPath?

To change the Land Use features used on the path, click the Land Use label to open the Land Use section:


(Note that if the section you want displays below the bottom of the form, you can use the vertical scroll bar on the right of the list of sections to scroll up and down on the list.)

Land Use information can also be used as a guideline for adding Surface Feature objects to the profile.

You can remove the Land Use information (shown as the colors below the profile) by un-checking the “Include Land Use Data” box:


The pull-down list indicates the loss template to be used in computing signal loss values at locations based on the transmit frequency and Land Use code at each location:


You can change the colors used for the Land Use classifications from the Configuration menu:


The Select Color form is displayed:


Click the item you want to change, such as the Rangeland land use classification:


Click the color box to change the color for the selected classification:


Exit from the forms to return to the main HDPath form.

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