How can I quickly see information at any point along path profiles shown in HDPath?

When the list profile button is selected in the upper toolbar and the mouse cursor is moved over the profile window, information about the cursor location is displayed on the Mouse Location on Path form :


You can close the form if you do not need the information. The form is redisplayed every time you click the Draw button.

The information is displayed as shown:

The first line displays the distance from each site, along with the cursor elevation and, in parentheses, the elevation adjusted for earth curvature. Note that the elevation is the elevation of the mouse location, not the elevation of the terrain (unless the mouse is positioned on the terrain).

<== 22.61km 2292.50m (2363.16m) 53.07km ==>

The next line displays the coordinates of the mouse cursor along the path. If the two end-points have coordinates in different coordinate systems, the coordinates are displayed in both reference systems:

39 13 26.19N 104 51 53.69W LL ; 39 13 26.19N 104 51 53.69W LL27

If the Land Use option is enabled, the USGS land use classification code number and the corresponding description are displayed:

32 Rangeland: Shrub and Brush

If the Land Use option is enabled and the Transmit (left side) facility has a legitimate frequency value, the loss value for the selected template, frequency, and land use classification is displayed:

0.00 dB loss at 150.00000 MHz

If you click the left-mouse button on the profile (when the List button is selected), the text information is copied to the Windows clipboard. You can then use the Edit|Paste menu function to paste the clipboard contents into another application, such as WordPad:



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