How can I customize print settings and layout for printing path profiles from HDPath?

HDPath includes the TAP Print Preview function that enables you to position and edit labels on the profile print out.

To display the print preview, click the Print button:


The Print Setup form is displayed so you can select the printer, paper size, and page orientation:


(The Page Layout Template section is only displayed if one or more templates have been defined.)

Click the Continue button to display the Print Preview form:


You can use the Zoom scroll bar to zoom closer on the drawing:


If the Edit box is checked (on the left side of the Print Preview form) you can click a label on the preview to select the label:


Drag the label to reposition it:


The numbers below the Print button on the Print Preview form display the X and Y location of the cursor on the page.

If the Edit checkbox is un-checked, you can drag the left-mouse on the drawing to pan to a different location of the preview:

You can also select a label (if the Edit box is checked) by double-clicking, and the “Edit Object” form is displayed:


You can change the text, font, color etc., of the label:


Click the OK button to apply the changes:


Note that if changes are made to the label, it may be necessary to resize the label using the handles on the label:



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