How do I set up a Target Study in HDCoverage?

To create a Target study, click the button showing the individual points:


The form will display the Target settings.

(For importing Target Points from an Excel spreadsheet file, see the Target Point Study Import article.)

You can define Target points by scrolling (if necessary) to the end of the list to the row with the asterisk (“*”) in the selection button on the left of the row. When you start typing on that row, a new Target point record is created:


You can fill in the desired values in each column:


Note the pencil icon at the left end of the row indicating that the value is being edited. You can undo the edit as long as the pencil is displayed by clicking the Esc key on your keyboard and the original value will be displayed.

You can delete a row by selecting it by clicking on the selection button to the left of the row and clicking the Delete key on your keyboard.

Click another line to move off of the new line so the pencil icon disappears. This is necessary to be sure the new added point is saved.

You can add points from a shapefile by clicking the File button:


You will be prompted to select a shapefile:


You can select any shapefile (polygon, line, or point). If a polygon or line file is selected, all of the points for each object in the file will be added, such as vertex points around a polygon object (like a county boundary) or points on a line (such as a road).

When you Open the file, you will be prompted to select a field in the shapefile:


The field will be used for the Description column for the Target points.

When you click Continue the points will be added to the Target list:


Note that for large shapefiles the process may take several seconds.

You can also add Target points from locations you click on the map. Click the Map button:


The yellow status bar on the map will prompt you to click on the map to get coordinates of points you want to add to the Target list:


Each time you click the map, the coordinates of the point you click will be added to the Target list. You can add a description of the point:


When you have finished adding points from the map you can right-click on the map.