How do I select the Propagation Model for my HDPath or HDCoverage study?

The propagation model is available in the lower, middle set of configuration settings within either HDPath or HDCoverage. To select the propagation model or to change the model parameters you want to use, click the Propagation Model label to open the Propagation Model section:


(Note that if the section you want displays below the bottom of the form, you can use the vertical scroll bar on the right of the list of sections to scroll up and down on the list.)


You can select the propagation model from the list, which displays the models that are licensed to your TAP system:



Each propagation model has different parameters and settings that you can use to control how the calculations are performed. These settings are contained in Templates you can view, edit, or create by clicking the Template button:


When you click the Template button, the Template database for the selected propagation model is displayed:


Note that the template layout and parameters will be different for each propagation model.