How do I enter fixed facility parameters to conduct area coverage studies using HDCoverage?


TAP™ area coverage studies are conducted using HDCoverage. The HDCoverage application window is displayed below. In order to run an area coverage study, you must define a Fixed Facility (e.g., a fixed base station or repeater or handheld) and a Mobile Facility (e.g., a mobile handheld or in-vehicle radio).


The Fixed Facility panel on the left side of the HDCoverage window accesses the same fixed facility database used in HDPath. The row of buttons along the bottom of the Fixed Facility panel allows you to create a New Fixed Facility, Edit a Fixed Facility, create a new Fixed Facility that is a Copy of the current displayed facility, or to Delete a Fixed Facility from the database. When changes have been made or a new facility has been created, the Save button will become enabled and the changes may be Saved to the Fixed Facility database. Any existing Fixed Facilities in the database may be quickly selected for use via the dropdown list near the bottom of the Fixed Facility panel.

You must enter location information (in any of a number of supported coordinate systems), transmitter specifications (frequency, power, losses, etc.) and transmitter antenna specifications. In order to conduct “TalkBack” studies, you must also enter receiver and receiver antenna specifications.