How Can I Compute Coverage and Coverage Statistics for a Specific Municipality / County?

It is common, especially for public-safety communication applications, for TAP™ users to want to compute the RF field strength coverage and coverage statistics for specific municipal areas, such as a U.S. county.  Fortunately, this is straightforward in TAP and, for users with maintenance subscription dates on or after Dec 1, 2014, this feature is available for TAP™ 6.2 Accelerated studies.

This functionality is achieved in TAP™ by creating a “Bounded Tile Study” in HDCoverage.  For basic information on how to launch HDCoverage and how to set up a Tile Study, please see the Quick Tour or the pertinent FAQs here:

Municipal boundaries are typically available via the shapefile information displayed in the HDCoverage Map View.  The key is to create a Tile Study that contains the entire county of interest. Then set the active layer on the map to be the shapefile layer containing, in this example, the county boundaries.  Right-click the HDCoverage Map and the Select Active Layer and Field form is displayed.  In the case of the U.S. shapefiles provided by SoftWright, the appropriate layer is under counties as shown below.  The actual layer and field names will depend on the shapefiles being used.

Select County Shapefile Layer as the Active Later

Select County Shapefile Layer as the Active Layer

Then select the “Boundary” checkbox in the Coverage Settings area of the HDCoverage form as shown below.  The check mark shows in the box, and the banner at the top of the map prompts you to click the boundary you want to select.  Click the map in the county that you want to use for the Bounded Tile study.  The program will read the shapefile information and fill in the Tile study limits:

Select the Boundary checkbox in the Coverage Settings

Select the Boundary Checkbox in the Coverage Settings

Save the study and run it and when it is complete, you will see the coverage are for the selected county in HDMapper.  You can then right-click on the coverage layer and calculate coverage statistics, if desired.

Bounded Tile Study for Douglas County, CO

Bounded Tile Study for Douglas County, CO