SoftWright works with customers before the sale to ascertain customer needs and recommend cost-effective software and data products. SoftWright works with customers after the sale to make sure that customers use our products confidently and proficiently. This knowledgebase is provided to allow interested customers, potential customers, and other practicing RF engineers with a resource to learn more about our products and also, more generally, about terrestrial RF propagation and wireless communications.

It is important to note that TAP contains no proprietary algorithms or calculations. All propagation modules and ancillary calculations are based on widely published, industry accepted (and, in some cases, regulatory body mandated) models. In fact, every calculation contained within TAP is documented on this website and the references cited herein. Moreover, all input and output data formats (e.g., elevation data, land use data, RF facilities data, antenna pattern files, graphic files, etc.) are open source industry standards.

TAP is designed to be powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use. TAP users can always understand and explain study results. This open transparency and copious documentation gives managers, clients, and other decision-makers a high level of confidence in the results.

For more detailed technical discussions or to ask specific questions, please contact

For new users, the TAP™ Demo Quick Start Guide provides step-by-step instructions for getting started using the most basic TAP™ features, and our Video Tutorials are another great way to start learning TAP™.

Download TAP Demo Quick Start Guide (pdf)