SoftWright LLC is the developer of the Terrain Analysis Package (TAP™). TAP™ is a terrestrial RF propagation analysis tool for the Windows operating system. TAP™ is used by federal agencies, state/local public safety departments, energy companies, utilities, and consultants to evaluate radio transmitter sites; predict radio coverage; conduct intermodulation and adjacent channel interference studies; and design microwave/vhf/uhf links. Since the early 1990s, well over 2000 TAP™ licenses have been sold worldwide. TAP™ is currently in use in all 50 United States plus over 70 countries on all seven continents.  For more detailed system requirements, please see this FAQ.

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In addition to TAP™ software, SoftWright offers global topographical and land use data, annual software maintenance subscriptions, and many options for training and support.

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TAP HDPath Link Design Screen Capture

TAP HDPath Link Design Screen Capture